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2007-2015 Raising the Bar Creative Concepts
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...dedicated to  designing and delivering quality educational
   programs to enrich the mind, character and spirit.
Raising the Bar Creative Concepts was established in 2007 with the specific goal of providing a variety of quality educational programs for middle-school aged children. As the founder of Raising the Bar, I noticed there was a lack of Houston area programs that catered specifically to tweens and teens. I sought to change this, and my vision was two-fold:  offer a variety  of  options  for  students  and only employ dynamic and engaging certified teachers to deliver the instruction. 
As a veteran teacher myself - 16 years and counting - I knew experienced teachers would not only understand the facts and skills critical for middle school success, but they would also know how to motivate, inspire, and entertain the sometimes difficult adolescent demographic. Every program we offer is learner-centered, hands-on, and is facilitated by an experienced, certified teacher who is passionate about their respective area of expertise. I personally interview and hand-pick the Raising the Bar staff to ensure they are of the quality and caliber I expect, and to ensure positive growth from our students.
Raising the Bar has grown and evolved beyond just the middle school years.  No matter how much we grow,  the initial premise will always stand strong. Research shows time and time again that kids of all ages learn best and have a better chance of retaining information when they are interested and actively involved in the educational experience. Moreover, our programs are unique because we strive to educate the whole child. We know there's more to life than school, so we offer programs in areas other than traditional academics such as nutrition, exercise, cooking, and etiquette. After all, good grades will carry a child far in school, but a healthy lifestyle, good manners, and strong interpersonal communication skills will benefit a child for life.
Raising the Bar now offers a wide-variety of programs for your school and family. We offer private tutoring for kindergarten through 12th grade, test preparation, home consultations, parent workshops, innovative summer day camps and academic intervention at elementary and middle schools.
At Raising the Bar, we are dedicated to designing and delivering quality educational programs to enrich the mind, character, and spirit.


Lisa Fegen

Head Honcho ~ Raising the  Bar Creative Concepts

Academic Coaching
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