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Raising the Bar's experience in education has expanded our reach to other educators and professionals in the industry. Our "Other Services"  page will provide you with information about services available to support your family. This page will be updated with new services as we find them, so check back often!



The **ARD / IEP / 504 / RTI / IAT processes can be particularly difficult to understand, navigate and obtain a comfort level with for many families. If you are the parent of a child with a disability or one who is struggling academically and may need specialized assistance, and you are unsure of how to make the most of your child's educational program, RTB can assist you with a referral. 


We can connect you with top-notch experienced educators who are dedicated to working with families needing guidance in developing the best possible educational plans for their children. Consultations can include a review of all documentation and a plan tailored specifically to your child's needs, including educational and parental advocacy as well as availability to accompany the family to serve as a support in meetings at your child's school.


** Link to Glossary of Terms


For more info, contact Lisa at Raising the Bar:        lisa@raisingthebarcc.com          832.661.5407




This service is perfect if you don't need a full-time English tutor, just someone to help out with the occasional paper or presentation. Your writing will be reviewed by a certified and experienced English teacher and returned with specific comments for revision and review. Papers will be reviewed for grammar, usage punctuation, spelling, idea development and adherence to any rubric provided.


Perfect for research papers, college essays, or any other written work that could benefit from a second set of eyes.


Cost: $35 per hour, the process takes two hours minimum (in most cases).


Note: To avoid logistical problems, paper polishing services do not include face-to-face visits. Most of the work is done via email, Skype, and/or phone.


 For more info, contact Lisa at Raising the Bar:        lisa@raisingthebarcc.com         832.661.5407



Disclaimer- These services are offered by individual educators, not by Raising the Bar.