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What is the CogAT?


This test is frequently used as a screening test for Gifted and Talented (G/T) programs. In Houston Independent School District, for example, a student’s CogAT results, along with other standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, and report card grades are instrumental in determining whether or not a child can be admitted into the G/T program.


HISD no longer requires all 5th graders to take the CogAT for GT qualification as they move into middle school.  If a child in HISD has already obtained GT status at any , no additional testing is needed.


For families looking to have their child take the CogAT this year, Raising the Bar offers private tutoring for grades K - 7.  Please visit the "tutoring" tab of our website for more information.

Quick Facts: 

What types of questions will HISD students be asked on the CogAT?


While a total of three cognitive areas are assessed on the CogAT, only the nonverbal section is used predominantly for GT testing in HISD. This battery of tests includes 3 subtests that assess students’ inductive and deductive reasoning and visualization skills:

  • Figure Analogies (or Matrices)  - This subtest presents a pair of figures and students are to determine the common factor between them. A third figure is given.  Students select a figure from a set of answer choices that represents the same kind of relationship that exists between the original pair of figures presented.
  • Figure Classification - This subtest presents three figures. The student must identify the characteristics that the figures share in common, then select another figure from a set of figures that matches the original set.
  • Figure Analysis - This subtest presents a series of diagrams that show a piece of paper being folded and hole-punched. The student must select a figure from a set of figures that shows what the paper will look like when it is unfolded.
Why is preparation important? 


There are many reasons that students should prepare for the CogAT. Although facts and figures cannot be memorized for this test in the way that they can for other types of tests, there are other ways students can get ready for their CogAT exam. Students are not typically explicitly taught the skills tested on the CogAT, so the test format may catch unprepared students off-guard. Students who are more familiar with the components and format of the CogAT will not be taken by surprise, so they will be more comfortable overall with the test-taking experience. Additionally, familiarity with the types of questions asked can also help students navigate the test successfully.



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