All Raising the Bar tutors are certified teachers, period. Our key to success is knowing there’s an *art* to teaching; not just anyone can do it! Teaching is a profession, not a hobby. It takes hard work and constant training. RTB is proud to be exclusively owned by and staffed with experienced, dynamic educators who come with a wealth of knowledge to provide the very best educational support possible for your child. We are committed to placing each and every student with the best tutor to serve his or her needs and to working closely with families to ensure student success.

Join Our Team

If interested in joining the Raising the Bar tutoring team, we’d love to learn more about you! We require our tutors to have excellent communication skills (verbal and written), have at least 3 years of classroom teaching experience, and hold a state teaching certification. If you are passionate about the educational field and you are committed to working closely with students to help them meet the demands of today’s educational challenges, please visit the link below to formally apply.

Experienced Tutoring Team

Each member of the RTB tutoring team is a state-certified educator, and 95% of our staff are full-time classroom teachers in schools throughout the Houston area.

Engaging Instructional Strategies

Our tutors aren’t just experts in their content areas, they know what WORKS for kids – implementing effective and engaging instructional strategies that help students excel.

Individualized Instruction

Our tutors use a variety of tools/methods to assess student understanding and mastery that cater to all learning styles

Chunking Content

As teachers, we use targeted questioning strategies and excel at breaking down larger concepts into smaller, do-able chunks.

Instructional Scaffolding

We systematically build on students’ experiences and knowledge as they are learning new skills

Making Connections

Our tutors are able to connect with students in meaningful ways and are passionate about education and about helping students set, reach and even surpass academic goals.