Erin is doing great – she ended last semester with a solid B in math and even got a B on her final – very exciting! (Prior to tutoring, she was getting Ds and Fs on all tests even though she was doing well on all the homework and in class work.) Aria is great – the perfect fit personality wise for Erin, so sweet and really good in helping Erin to connect the dots. Thanks!

-Amanda, Lanier MS Parent

We love Raising the Bar and our wonderful tutor! I have a 7th grader who is in the Vanguard program at Lanier Middle School. Our tutor has been assisting him once a week to help improve his math skills. With her guidance, my son has increased his confidence level and is enjoying the class even more! Thanks to a great organization! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for great communicators and role models!

-Kathy, Lanier MS Parent

My daughter has received tutoring services and attended a test-prep class. Raising the Bar does a great job of making learning fun and of meeting the needs of the individual child. The teachers connected with the kids so much so that my daughter really hopes to have them in the classroom someday! Everyone is really friendly and welcoming.

-Susan, Lanier MS Parent

Although we had purchased skill-building books before experiencing the Raising the Bar curriculum, my daughters indicated that the CogAT test prep really helped prepare them for the test. They provided strategies for various types of problems and used a variety of 2D and 3D puzzles and games to keep things interesting and fun. They looked forward to each session. As a result, their confidence was high on test day, and their results were excellent.

-Elaine, Poe Elementary Parent

My daughter completely enjoyed the CogAT test prep she received from Raising the Bar. She continually said how much fun the instructor made the entire experience. She looks forward to future tutoring with RTB. This is the child who said she would rather eat raw eggs than attend test prep sessions. You are doing it right!

-Terri, River Oaks Elementary Parent

I wanted to thank you once again for the awesome year both of my kids had with Raising the Bar. I strongly believe that outstanding teachers like yours gave them a solid foundation during a time when lots of good kids get lost. My daughter is finishing her sophomore year at A&M in Civil Engineering, and is loving every minute! My son is graduating from Lamar as salutatorian and is also headed to A&M in Honors Engineering. We deeply appreciate your contribution to their academic success!!!

-Kathleen, Lamar HS Parent

As a parent of two children who were both fortunate to be students of Ms. Fegen, I can attest to Ms. Fegen’s tremendous ability to reach and teach kids and parents alike. My kids adored her. She challenged them while always keeping them fully engaged. They were so prepared for high school that they felt it was “easy”. She connected regularly with parents and always gave us the sense that we were partners in the educational process. I have tremendous respect for Ms. Fegen and Raising the Bar.

-Laura, Lanier MS Parent

During these more challenging middle school years, Raising the Bar has not only assisted my daughter academically but also delved into study habits and organization skills with her. The effects were immediately evident!

-Sandra, Lanier MS Parent

Our family has loved working with tutors from Raising the Bar. I have a high school, middle school and elementary age child and the tutors at each level have been professional, smart and friendly. We would recommend Raising the Bar to other families needing tutoring in any subject!

-Heather, Lanier MS Parent

Raising the Bar helped my daughter and me in a time of great need. We had an unusual circumstance and they assisted me in devising and carrying out an effective plan to achieve my family’s goal. From my first phone call to my daughter’s last tutoring session, Raising the Bar went above and beyond to help my daughter in the subjects of math, English, and social studies. They have exceptional communication skills, using reflective listening to insure that everyone was clear on what the challenge was and how it would be addressed. The tutors were just fantastic in their professionalism and in the quality of their tutoring. The Raising the Bar team truly blessed us. I highly recommend Raising the Bar for any tutoring needs!

-Parent of a Wilson Montessori Student

I wanted to let you know that Will did very well on his IOWA and CogAT tests, and was certified GT! He scored in the 98 percentile in both the verbal and math sections of the IOWA, and scored 116 on the CogAT. You were wonderful and we thank you so much for your help.

-Jenny, West U Elementary Parent

I have never been good at science and tumbled through it for the first half of my freshman year biology class until my parents hired Ms. Fegen as my private tutor. While I did not enjoy the class in school, our private sessions were unlike anything else. Mrs. Fegen added songs, rhymes, videos, and diagrams, making my learning experience both educational and enjoyable. I would ask her questions regarding what I was learning in class and from that, she would compile her own materials and plan a lesson tailored to my learning style.

-Arielle, Carnegie HS Student

Raising the Bar has made an incredible impact on my daughter’s life through tutoring for several years! She benefits every day from the confidence her tutors have instilled in her. Once timid and afraid to accept academic challenges, she is now thriving as a sophomore at Carnegie. The personal connection RTB established with my daughter while helping her grow has changed her life.

-Linda, Carnegie HS Parent

We are very pleased with the wide expertise and quality of teachers that you have on staff. You have done a great job matching my kids’ academic needs with a knowledgeable educator. Thank you for all your help!

-Ahuva, Carnegie HS Parent

Thank you for checking up on us. Our son is doing terrific this year. His grades are B+s and As. He gets his homework done as soon as he gets home every afternoon – without any nagging from his parents. And he has developed a new level of confidence in school. All of this can be attributed to the organizational skills he learned from your group and maybe a little growing up along the way. When I asked him what is behind the turnaround, he says that he now cares about how well he is doing in school. Go figure! So, yes, we’re doing well and looking towards high school with less trepidation than before. Thanks!

-Stella, Pin Oak Parent

Please keep the deposit as we will definitely use your excellent service next school year. Jules averaged a 91% in Algebra II and scored a 93% on her final. We are very happy!

-Chuck, Bellaire HS Parent

We LOVE Raising the Bar!!! My 11-year-old son has had academic support from RTB all year. Not only are the teachers first rate, but also well attuned to where kid are emotionally and socially. The Raising the Bar team made my son feel right at home and he is looking forward to working with his tutor next year. I trust Raising the Bar with my most precious asset, my son.

-Mary Ann, Pershing MS Parent

I could not be happier with the tutor we were assigned through Raising the Bar. She has helped my daughter SO MUCH not only with 6th and 7th-grade math concepts assigned by the teacher, but she also gives assignments targeted specifically to the areas my daughter needs additional help with. But more than that, she put together a plan of action for dealing with my daughter’s math test anxiety. Our tutor’s patience, kindness, and empathy are so much more than I could have hoped for. Thank you Raising the Bar and a big THANK YOU to our tutor for all she has done for my child!

-Fran, Pin Oak MS Parent

I am so grateful to Raising the Bar and the tutoring services they provided us with this year. My daughter was struggling conceptually in math but also with her self-confidence. The one on one tutoring, that was custom designed each week based on her school lessons, helped turn her year around and restore the confidence she had lost. We had only wished we would have started the process sooner! We fully intend on continuing to use Raising the Bar and look forward to another successful year in math!

-Summer, Pin Oak MS Parent

Kelly has been fantastic and I know that Rachel has benefitted greatly from Kelly’s tutoring. She has always been so great to work with our ever-changing schedule as well as work in extra sessions when needed.

-Elizabeth, Pin Oak MS Parent

Mr. Brooks is so amazing. It’s like he’s in another dimension where I forget that he’s a person I should report back on… as opposed to our hero, friend, teacher, playmate, teammate, fellow explorer on the brave new middle school adventure…! He’s awesome — and so is my kiddo. Together, they are a formidable team.

-Hannah, Pershing MS Parent

Lisa Fegen is thoroughly devoted to the academic success of her RTB students and also to their overall well-being. Her demeanor with both kids and their parents allows for a trusting and positive relationship which frankly is difficult to find in today’s school system. I know Lisa will do everything in her power to ensure my daughter achieves her full academic and personal potential.

-Elizabeth, Bellaire HS Parent

I also wanted to tell you what a great experience it was working with our tutor. She is wonderful. I appreciated how she made the tutoring fun and kept Emma focused and engaged for the full hour. She was also great explaining to me what they had worked on and I appreciated that she had an overall development plan. Although we did the tutoring for testing purposes only, it brought about some unexpected changes … my daughter began initiating starting her homework all on her own (without me asking) after school each day. This used to be a daily battle that would go on for an hour or two. She also wanted to do more homework in each setting, often completing the whole week’s worth by Monday or Tuesday!

-Emily, Horn Elementary Parent

My daughter, who has never enjoyed science, blossomed in this area by working with Raising the Bar tutors. Simply put, our tutors knew how to get through to my child. I also loved that the RTB tutors took time to connect with my daughter as well as update me at the end of each session. They are fabulous!

-Stephanie, Emery Weiner Parent

I couldn’t be happier with our RTB tutor. From the moment I received the tutor options, I knew that we couldn’t go wrong. What I didn’t know was that my son would be able to learn such valuable techniques and learn the material he was behind on rapidly enough to make a difference so quickly. I know that what he’s learned and practiced are skills that will last his lifetime. He came into middle school with fantastic grades but never had to study for anything. He sometimes didn’t even need to read materials in order to get A’s and B’s. It can be quite a shock when you suddenly realize that you can’t do well on tests without any preparation and you aren’t quite sure how to prepare. Our tutor’s professionalism, confident and positive attitude, ability to address the areas of highest need and to make spontaneous adjustments to help the most in all subjects and general skills were outstanding!

-Brooke, TH Rogers MS Parent

Thank you RTB for connecting us with our tutor! You did an awesome job finding her! She was AMAZING with my daughter and she has already improved at school because of the skills she learned during our sessions.

-Ellina, Briargrove Elementary Parent

I’m sold on Raising the Bar tutoring for the CogAT, now that two of my children have scored highly on the test. Even the Kindergarten level questions confused me–and I graduated with honors from Stanford University and have 4 years post-graduate education! My son failed to qualify originally when he applied for GT in Kinder and 1st grade, and at the time I couldn’t find any test prep resources for this component. Thanks to Raising the Bar for putting together some resources for kids whose “nonverbal abilities” need a little extra prep help!

-Courtney, Oak Forest Elementary Parent

This summer I will be concerned (like others) about my daughter regressing on the skills that she learned throughout the year. I look forward to working with you and your team again during the summer months. The other moms are very impressed– as you know I am as well!

-Jodi, Oak Forest Elementary Parent

I wanted to let you know that our son, Logan, rocked his CogAT and qualified for GT at Lanier Middle School! We could not have done it without your help! Thanks so much for all you do to help our kiddos.

-Tina, Harvard Elementary Parent